shirtsample1All T-Shirt designs are created by MCMZone. These prints are one-of-a-kind designs that are silk-screened by hand. MCMZone first creates the design on paper, hand paints the films, forms the frame and stretches the silk onto it, exposes the film onto the screen and finally prints the image onto a T-Shirt using a fabric paint. MCMZone has been silk-screening T-Shirts for more than 25 years and has sold hundreds of designs to buyers all over the world! For 2010, Horrible Artwork unveils 10 new designs by MCMZone, created specifically for the web site. ** In addition to the new T-Shirt designs, the earlier designs are also being featured below. All shirts are 100% cotton made in the USA TO ORDER: Please choose which design/s you would like to purchase and obtain its ITEM NUMBER. Then e-mail to place your order and you will be given information as to where to send your payment. * Unfortunately Pay Pal is not accepted here. * Only US Money Orders or International Money Orders are accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Available Designs:

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