348Welcome to the creative, artistic world of HORRIBLE ARTWORK! At the most recent opening of this site, the artwork contained herein had never been viewed before by the public, had never been in an art exhibit, nor been published in any magazines, or books. All of the art from the site’s host is being seen here for the very first time. After nearly 30 years of work, the artist finally decided to display his artistic efforts to the curious. MCMZone, aka Myke Hideous, has been creating visuals for the mind since he was 12 years old, drawing scenes of mushroom covered landscapes in fantasy worlds with fantastic and sometimes terrifying creatures lurking in its dark spaces. Myke continually practiced his art throughout his teenage years, creating piece after artistic piece. He studied fine arts, commercial art and art theory, having won several awards from class competitions during his time as a student. He’d have his first job as a free-hand/commercial artist working for a graphic arts design company in Paterson, NJ at the young age of 13. When Myke reached the age of 21, he began focusing his attention on writing his own music, with dreams of starting up a rock band and taking it to its very limits. After nearly two years, the music began to consume a lot of his time and life (as running a five piece rock band will do). This new form of expression through music imposed on Myke from releasing the amount of art he could’ve produced at that time, had it not been for the music. Myke’s talents of painting, drawing and sculpture indeed took a backseat to his new found love of creating music, but never faded from his abilities completely. It was during these years of his music career that he created some of his most spectacular pieces, including his most provocative and intensely detailed trilogy of heavy lead drawings, that to this day, still stand out as his three most impressive pieces ever drawn to date. So, even though Myke’s full concentration forced him to lean more toward producing music, he was still able to conjure up ideas from his mind, send them through his right hand and onto the canvas. Only a bit less frequently than before. Today brings a new dawn for Myke as he finally unfolds the layers of his visions for all to see who will appreciate their unique qualities. These first pieces you will see are mostly from a collection of work that stems from the mid 80’s, to the turn of the millennium and a few from recent day. Why? Since there is so much of Myke’s work being prepared and processed for Horrible Artwork by Myke’s hand alone, not all of the art was ready in time by the site’s launch. So please bear with us as we continue to improve and maintain this site’s appearance in order to bring you the best art possible by Myke and his guests. Thank you and we hope you enjoy this HORRIBLE ARTWORK!

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