*All art pieces are printed reproductions of the original piece created by artist MCMZone and are sold as they appear to the best of our abilities on this site. *All individual art reproductions are reprints of the originals and are sold without frames. UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED, all reproduction prints are NOT original pieces of art. That would be in our “Original Art For Sale” section. Which is still being processed for the site at the writing of this introduction. *Any print you receive comes from documents set at 300dpi or more for the best possible quality of the print. *The pieces listed with information about them are set for purchase and are among the only items technically prepared for sale, BUT not necessarily restricted to those items alone. If you are interested in purchasing any other design that you might see on this site that is not for sale, or have an idea that you would like created, or would like the artist to create an original piece for you, simply write to us at: info@horribleartwork.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible to discuss pricing and other details.   Special Orders: Special orders will require a fee of 50% down, then paid for in full when the project is complete. *Special Orders shipping fees determined upon the completion of the project.   Payments: At this time we except Money Orders for quick turnaround on a purchase, (US Postal Money Orders preferred). We will also accept Certified Bank Checks, American Express Travelers Checks and lastly, personal checks on pre-approved orders only. However, we will not release any product being paid for by personal check until the check clears, which in some cases can take up to 10 business days. No exceptions. Cash is always wonderful and happily accepted, no matter how much blood may be on it! Let us know if you plan to send such currency and be advised to do so at your own risk. *All Payments received will be confirmed to purchaser with an e-mail letter of notification *All purchases are final. No refunds. No exchanges. Items sold as indicated. Displayed to the best of its ability at a minimum of 60dpi for the Internet and security purposes. When making a purchase, you will deal with Horrible Artwork’s staff personally and will be instructed on who to make your payment out to and where to send it. Upon initiating the sale, please make sure you remember to send us your full name, return address and e-mail, along with a list of what you are purchasing for absolution of your order being certain. If you would like to make installment payments on an item, contact us so arrangements can be made to do so. *When purchasing an original or reproduced piece of art from us, you will receive a certificate of authenticity, indicating its origin, history bio and other detailed facts about the piece itself.   International Payments: At this time ONLY INTERNATIONANL MONEY ORDERS will be accepted for orders outside the USA. No exceptions… (Unless you know someone in the USA that is willing to pay for your item with a US Postal Money Order.)   Shipping: All orders being shipped in the USA will be sent 1st class, with insurance and confirmation of delivery coverage on them, paid for by the purchaser. Any other specific shipping requirements you desire for your package can be discussed and if agreed upon will be paid for by the purchaser. All international packages will be met with the best possible shipping protection made available to insure a safe delivery. Any other specific shipping requirements you desire for your package can be discussed and if agreed upon will be paid for by the purchaser. *Any other specific shipping requirements you desire such as UPS or FedEx overnight delivery for your package can be discussed and if agreed upon will be paid for by the purchaser. *Horrible Artwork and its staff refrain from any responsibility for the damaging, mis-handling or missing items of your package once it leaves our hands. All fees will be determined and vary by weight of the package.

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