#0149 – Return From Love

0149# 0149

“Return From Love”

24″ x 36″

This is the first piece to a trilogy of drawings. In addition to the fine detail that tells a personal story of a broken heart, the artist completed the piece (after 6 months of creative effort) and finally (and most importantly), by filling in a portion of the design with his own blood! After making a surgical incision in his left forearm, on the night of October 30th, 1989, he used a paintbrush to take blood directly from the inflicted incision as it poured from the wound to fill the area below the center subject (as seen in the image). Upon completion Myke signed his name in blood, along with a witness/friend named Reggie Barbieri (now deceased) who signed his own name as the witness, using the Myke’s blood. This drawing was created using graphite/6B pencils. The blood is the result of a self-inflicted incision on Myke’s left forearm, granting him a visit to the emergency room, at 4AM, after completing the drawing. A total of 20 stitches were applied to the wound by a doctor at the hospital to stop the bleeding after 5 hours. This piece is being offered as a strictly limited edition print, reproduced on canvas, stretched onto an outer frame and signed by the artist, (but not in blood).

$400.00 per print.

Custom print orders can be arranged for this item. It looks great printed on canvas. To order / for more information, click here to send us an order inquiry

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