#0148 – Hidden Passages & Secret Memories

0148# 0148

“Hidden Passages & Secret Memories”

24″ x 36″

The second piece to a trilogy of drawings. This graphite/pencil drawing was completed on October 30th, 1990 and was topped off with the addition of dead insects attached to the lower left hand corner. Included: 1 spider, several ants, 1 bee, 1 house-fly. However, over the years some of these tiny creatures decayed and as a result, fell off the board. This work of art is an extremely limited edition print, reproduced on canvas and stretched onto an outer frame. Signed by the artist.

$400.00 per print.

Custom print orders can be arranged for this item. It looks great printed on canvas. To order / for more information, click here to send us an order inquiry

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