#0147 – Resistance of Temptation

0147# 0147

“Resistance Of Temptations”

24″ x 36″

This is the third and final piece to a trilogy of drawings. It shows what the artist’s current style has developed into. Morphing images, overlapping and blending subjects. The conception began with the first piece in the late 1980’s, (#0149–“Return From Love”) and was created using graphite/6B pencils. Extreme detail is seen throughout this drawing to form a collage of in depth expression and the artist’s personal view in horrific, story telling form. Reproduced on canvas and stretched onto an outer frame. Very limited edition. Signed by the artist.

$400.00 per print.

Custom print orders can be arranged for this item. It looks great printed on canvas. To order / for more information, click here to send us an order inquiry

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