#0142 – My Summer Vacation ’96

0142# 0142

“My Summer Vacation ’96”


Acrylic paint on canvas, 1996. Expressions of suicide, botched relationships and violence are seen throughout this image. The final touches for this piece were placed around the painting’s black frame, including real human bones-hands, fingers, feet, toes, ribs, bird feathers, an Orthodox rosary, voodoo dolls from New Orleans and jaw bones of a pig, cow & lamb. “My Summer Vacation ‘96” is a strictly limited edition print on canvas and stretched onto an outer frame and signed by the artist.

$400.00 per print.

(Due to the size of this item, it is recommended that special procedures be taken for delivery of orders outside the NJ/NY area)

Custom print orders can be arranged for this item. It looks great printed on canvas. To order / for more information, click here to send us an order inquiry

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