#NA02 – Table 2





“Table #2”


1999. The second table designed by Myke. This piece was created in a non-stop, three-day weekend, frenzy after having been dumped by a woman. (Love and hate can force a person to create the most incredible things sometimes.) This table is obviously much more defined than the first, as it is plain to see. It remains with Myke to this day and contains the following items:

113 Coins from almost every country in Europe
100 Zima bottle caps
64 other bottle caps
Myke’s ex-wife’s wedding ring
2 Drivers Licenses
1 piece of stone from Gallows Hill/Salem, Mass./(Execution place of accused Salem witches)
1 piece of grave stone from Salem, Mass. cemetery/1600’s
1 $2 bill (US)
1 Food Stamp (US)
32 Expired pain killers
1 live M-16 bullet.
3 hospital wrist bands
1 molar tooth
1 molar tooth crown
1 sterling silver cross
1 (US) .01¢ coin cut in half
1 photo of Myke murdered
2 Daffy Duck toy figures
1 Mummy toy figure
1 Vampire toy
1 Herman Munster toy figure
2 Empire Hideous CD covers
2 Empire Hideous backstage passes
1 Pocket watch
Various concert tickets that can no longer be read.
1 Pair of Dice
1 Misfits guitar pick
And so much more

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