#AS022 – Conceived Without Sin

AS022 AS022e
# AS022 “Conceived Without Sin” - 6” long Contains: Textured painted wooden coffin, dried flowers & peppers, 1 container containing human baby teeth, 1 container containing baby teeth of a puppy, 1 container containing 1 roach, 1 fly and 1 potato bug, 1 bottle containing 1 finch egg and peppers, 1 coyote fang, Catholic medallions, 1 skeleton key. SOLD - $100.00 **In order to ship these items without them being damaged or destroyed, shipping costs may be higher than usual. In some situations, braces must be built into the packing structure in order to hold the piece in place and avoid it from being tossed around during shipping. These precautions are necessary when shipping these delicate items, some of which include many dried flowers and other various fragile elements. Federal Express will be used for superior transport of these pieces of art, with shipping insurance on each order. Each item will vary slightly in price for custom shipping. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause and thank you for your cooperation. – MCMZone ** PLEASE NOTE: No animals/insects were harmed to create any of the pieces displayed on this web site. Any and all creatures anatomies used in the Apocalyptic Sculptures were dead prior to being added to the art sculptures.**

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