#AP08 – Heaven and Earth


“Heaven & Earth”


Created through the month of February 2008, it contains some magnificent ornaments, frozen in time. It is part of the artist’s personal collection and expresses a visual technique of multiple, cryptic metaphors, utilizing a plethora of objects, including the following list of items:

1 coyote skull
1 shed snakeskin
1 cat fetus
A variety of seashells from the artist’s childhood obtained in FL
1 dragonfly
Multiple bird feathers: Parakeets, Finches, Cockatiel Various coins from Mexico, Costa Rica, Caribbean, Canada
4 cicadas
Multiple funeral prayer cards
Various beetles
Dried flowers, including 10 Picture Plant stalks
1 deceased Rose Hair Tarantula
2 sets of coyote jaws
32cal shell casings
22cal shell casings
42cal shell casing
1 Sea Horse
Various animal bones

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