#AP06 – A Coming Of Age – Of Drugs and Bugs


“A Coming Of Age-Of Drugs & Bugs”


2006. A more recent design by the artist, expresses a very dark and difficult time of the past. The following items are contained within the constructed piece.

1 Cast of Myke’s teeth/gums
1 Hornet crawling out from the teeth
1 Pewter pendant Myke wore for more than 10 years
1 badge of Saddam Hussein taken from dead Iraqi soldier/2002
8 Hypodermic needles
3 Viles used for cocaine
10 Expired pain killer capsules
1 small imitation-like knife with Myke’s name engraved on it/1975
1 Molar tooth from an ex-girlfriend
1 Skeleton key from the Freeman Building/Kearny, NJ/1955

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