#AP02 – Life=God=Hallucination

nost2“Life=God=Hallucination” 10.5"x17.25"” This piece was the second creation of the Apocalyptic Sculpture series and took shape in the summer months of the new millennium. It consists of the following items: 2 raccoon skulls, 1 set of rosary beads from 1961, 1 fish skull from FL., of unknown species at the top, 2 viles of the artists own blood drawn from two personal friends, 14 live 22.cal bullets, 1 deer vertebrae bone, 14 carat, gold ring w/ diamond chip belonging to the artist from making his first catholic communion in 1976, feathers from crow, pheasant, pigeon, 1 snail shell from Puerto Rico, 3 of the artists own teeth, 1 cat jaw from a cat hit by a car in front of artists studio, 1 monkeys paw, 1 cow rib bone fragment, 1 surgical clamp from artists paramedic brother, cira 1978 and a few other various items. Framed and hanging on artists wall.

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