Apocalyptic Sculptures What is an Apocalyptic Sculpture? The artist coined this term as a more adequate way of describing these unique pieces he was creating. They include anything imaginable to any fixed structure requested or obtained for the design. They can consist of anything from dried exotic insects, bones, feathers, gold, worldly money, ID’s and concert tickets to, vinyl records, photographs, fossils and more. All items are then safely sealed within a polyurethane coating to protect the sculpture as well as the owner from damage. If you are interested in commissioning Myke to create an original, one of a kind Apocalyptic Sculpture for you, write to us at: hideous777@yahoo.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss pricing and other details about your order. Apocalyptic Sculptures are available for purchase as CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY. Feel free to contact us for more information or any other questions pertaining to these items. *Shipping fees determined upon completion of project. Please Note: The anatomy remains of the animals and insects contained within the art pieces in this section were all used postmortem. No animals/insects were harmed to create any of the pieces displayed on this web site.   nost1smallnost2smallbuggottngsmallpredatorsmallvictorysmalldrugbugssmallrequiemsmallheavenearthsmallbirdsmall
Apocalyptic Arts For Sale
  The following works of art were created through the months of August and September of 2008. For the first time, Myke worked on creating all these boxes at the same time, over the course of 7 weeks, until all were completed. These APOCALYPTIC SCULPTURES contain a plethora of unique items within their structures, including: beetles, dragonflies, animal bones, bird eggs, spiders, diamonds, sterling silver, 14k gold, dried flowers, funeral prayer cards and so much more. These pieces took painstaking hours upon hours, and days upon days to complete, with repeated protective coatings, and are now ready to stand the test of time. Each sculpture is signed on the back by MCMZone, and come with a certificate of authenticity from Horrible Artwork. These one of a kind designs are being sold as original works of art, and no duplicates will be made. With proper care, they will last a lifetime! AS001smallAS002smallAS003smallAS004smallAS005smallAS006smallAS007smallAS008smallAS009smallAS010smallAS011smallAS012smallAS013smallAS014smallAS015smallAS016smallAS017smallAS018smallAS019smallAS020smallAS021smallAS022smallAS023smallas024smallas025smallAS026small
DONATIONS TO THE ARTS SPECIAL THANKS to the following individuals who have donated various objects and small dead creatures to be used in the APOCALYPTIC SCULPTURES displayed within this section.
  • AW Flowers (Kearny, NJ)
  • Sarabeth & Charles J. Burns VII
  • Paul Fragoso & Marlene
  • Justin Murphy & Joy
  • John Santerineross
  • Mario Risch
  • Todd Bovino
  • A very special ThanX to Vera Brooks & Vera senior for donating all the wonderful supplies!
  • Nancy Brown in Canada
  • Fred from Dingbats in Clifton
  • Doktor John and Dr. Marz

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